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Phytosterol 95%

Phytosterol 95%

Phytosterol 95% P.E. 40.0% β-Sitosterol GC

The phytosterol is distillated from soy bean. It is a powerful functional food ingredient and pharmaceutical intermediate.




Phytosterol is a substance of biological value, widely used in the field of medicine, cosmetics, and food. Phytosterol can be used to reduce cholesterol, prevent and cure atherosclerosis of the coronary arteries, heart disease, canker sores, carcinoma of the uterine cervix, accelerate the occlusion of wounds, and improve microcirculation.

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Specs: Phytosterols 95% (GC);
Part of used: Soy Bean
Active Ingredients: NLT 40% Beta-Sitosterol; NLT 20% Campesterol; NLT 14% Stigmasterol along with small amount of other sterols.
Appearance: White powder
Odor: Characteristic
[Solubility] soluble in alcohol, acetone, ethyl ether and so on.


1. Can be used to inhibit the body's absorption of cholesterol, promotes the degradation and metabolism of cholesterol, and inhibits the biochemical synthesis of cholesterolure
2. Prevention and treatment of coronary atherosclerotic heart disease
3. Can be used in conditions of high uric acid such as gout and some types of arthritis. It helps to reduce conditions of painful swelling. It is used for a wide range of genito-urinary complaints.
4. Has high permeability to the skin, can maintain the moisture on the skin surface, promote skin metabolism, inhibit skin inflammation, prevent sunburn erythema, skin aging, and have the effect of hair growth and nourishment. It is used in the production of creams, It has the characteristics of feeling good when used, good durability and very robust.
5. It can also be used as an animal growth agent.


1. Applied in the food industry, it is used as a food additive to enhance heart health.
2. It is used in the production of hard capsules or tablets in pharmaceutical industry. It is frequently used as a medicine supplement. Good efficacy for treatment of cancer and cardio-cerebrovascular disease.
3. Applied in cosmetics, maintains moisture on the skin surface, promotes skin metabolism.
4. Has great anti-oxidation, scavenging free radicals, and anti-aging effects.